Unlocking the value of the Internet for business

Research released by the Innovation Partnership shows that everyday Kiwi businesses could add $34 billion to the New Zealand economy if they make better use of the Internet.

The research, funded by Innovation Partnership members InternetNZ and Google, shows that businesses that make effective use of Internet services are six per cent more productive than average businesses in their industry.

The results were released at the same time as the launch of the Digital Journey assessment tool, which allows small businesses to assess how they’re using the Internet and look for how they can do more online. SenateSHJ is proud to have been involved with both initiatives.

Among key findings were that businesses that are making the most of the Internet are using online tools to find new customers, improving their data collection and customer service, and are doing their work in the cloud, all the while increasing their mobility and security. These very high-users are a massive 73 per cent more productive than businesses that make little use of the Internet.

The report concluded that if all Kiwi businesses got their businesses making the most of available online tools and resources it could add $34 billion to the New Zealand economy through increased productivity and efficiency.

You can find out more and read the full report here.

Digital Journey

The Digital Journey assessment tool has been developed by the Digital Office, a not for profit organisation dedicated to better Internet use, and the Innovation Partnership as a first step towards unlocking the potential of the Internet for Kiwi businesses.

Business owners can plan and track their digital progress and get a personalised action plan for making the most of the Internet.

The Digital Journey assessment guides businesses through four sections, covering current digital use and plans for the future.

1. Assessing the strength of your online presence

2. Identifying social and digital marketing opportunities

3. Streamlining business plans and systems

4. Improving project management and data accessibility with cloud computing

Watch how Digital Journey helped Gilbert’s Fine Food in Dunedin.