Government communication

We can help you create and execute a government relations strategy to make your story heard by decision-makers across the political spectrum.

SenateSHJ's experienced and skilled government relations team has helped many industry leaders create arguments that resonate with government stakeholders. We have supported clients seeking to build and maintain good reputations in highly contentious sectors such as the alcohol and food sectors.

Our government relations specialists have extensive experience navigating the intricacies of government, whether as advisors, as political journalists or as public servants themselves. We know that good relationships are critical in the discipline of government relations – and productive and ongoing relationships will not be created by one conversation alone. They need sustained investment of time and effort.

We recognise that in New Zealand and Australia’s systems of government, nobody has a mortgage over what is right – and all parties to a debate have an equal voice. We are fortunate in both countries to have relatively easy access to political decision-makers. But this easy access comes with a responsibility to use it wisely.

We understand that effective government relations are about understanding the political context in which our politicians operate, helping to inform the debate on issues of national or local significance, and maintaining productive relationships.

Our government relations specialists have been immensely successful supporting companies to make changes to legislation and regulation in sectors such as telecommunications, health, and finance. We know who to talk to, on which issues, from local through to central government.

SenateSHJ’s government relations team understands the mechanics – and subtleties – of the public sector, and we use this knowledge to help you achieve your objectives.

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