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SenateSHJ’s specialist social media strategy and content marketing consultancy, Kamber, has been established to help businesses behave in ways that make them valued online participants.

Kamber’s ethos focuses on providing smart thinking and creative solutions for clients. It applies rigorous social media strategy to help clients shape their online behaviour by defining the needs of the end-user, not the other way around.

Social (or online) media provide instantaneous and powerful channels for organisations to connect with their audiences. 

For astute organisations, this growth in social media provides an unparalleled communications opportunity. However, we believe that without thoughtful and creative social media strategy, and a thorough understanding of how to interact with your online audiences, the risk of reputational damage is high.

As with all other communication channels, the fundamental questions are what level of monitoring, or engagement, does an organisation wish to achieve? And is it committed to doing this long term? Social media engagement is not something that can be turned on or off. Once started, failure to continue will usually create a reputational risk in itself. 

Our understanding of digital channels, and social media strategy, has kept pace with the lightning-quick development of these online platforms. Our experienced team of nimble thinkers can help your organisation successfully navigate the challenges and rich opportunities social media provide – whilst ensuring your organisation’s online identity supports and protects your valuable reputation.

Kamber offers a range of services including content and social media strategy, social media and content audits, content production (in all formats, with a big focus on video), content visibility (including search engine optimisation and video seeding), social media channel management, and monitoring and moderation solutions.

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